Rider & Venue Info

105 dB SPL at a distance of 10m and more or less over the whole room

Sound/Equipment needed:
Local sound engineer
4x floor monitors
1x Shure SM58 (wireless)
1x Shure SM58 (normal)
2x DI’s with XLR input (preferred BSS AR 133)

It is important that the 2xmics go through the console first to eleminate feedback and for EQing. Then the 2 processed mic channels are sent to the DJ (via AUX) who sends the final mix to the PA or FOH system.

IT IS NOT POSSIBLE to send the microphones out separatly after our effects. The microphones will always be mixed with other signals and send to the Master output.

Conventional lighting, 4x spots/spotlights (2x per person).

Towels, catering (dinner) and please 1l water per person on stage

The band will supply:
Mixer and Effects for microphones and equipment like laptop, synthesizer etc. with 2x XLR and/or 2x RCA output.

Thank you and if you have any questions,
please call us at +34 637 416 117 (also via Whatsapp).