Senegal Bondeléne Single/Remix EP

Includes Remixes of: DEBRUIT (KoKoKo), IBAAKU and AIIOM.

Literally ‘Senegal Bondeléne’ means ‘Senegal is launching’.
We are not going to ask permission to do what we want to do – Let’s do it! – To much time passed after the (Senegalese) independence without change – Let’s do it! – The time has come. Walk strong. Walk determined.

The Track encourages to stand up, being aware, having confidence, to be proud:
“In every corner the children are bouncing. We are strong, we are young, we can build it, we can make it happen. “… ”Senegaal mungi bonde – Jólof, Jólof – mungi, mungi bonde” Senegal walks strong – The kingdom of Senegal walks strong.

The song ‘Senegal Bondeléne’ is about not repeating the past. Let’s build the future ourselves!

ALBUM 'Punkal' (RELEASED JULY 08TH 2022)

DÉERR - Album

With the release of their first album, the German-Senegalese duo showcases a physical, sometimes brutal blend of intense, bass-heavy music and political engagement. On their debut album, Punkal, Senegalese Baba Sy and German producer AIIOM “fuse contemporary sounds with the traditional and unusual structures that accompany tassu-inspired vocals,” a Senegalese oral tradition close to rap. In their atypical music, as textured as it is engaging, the artists address the problems of the reality of the street without detour, questioning Senegalese youth about their own situation…. ”
Quote: PAM (Pan African Music)