In Wolof, DÉERR means: ‘skin’

Our skin is the largest sense organ, we feel, we breathe, we connect through the skin. It monitors our limits and connections between the internal and external world.

DÉERR’s music is energetic, electronic, intense and physical.

DÉERR encourages with their music the young and independent Senegalese generation to express themselves in their own words, their own content, in their own language: ‘Wolof’. Music as a symbol of identity. ‘Wolof’ is an unprecedented language in electronic music. Until now.

The sound of language fuses with intense electronica to create sensation. You don’t have to understand the language to be touched by it.

DÉERR are part of the African movement. Musical parallels with DJ LAG, Slikback, Ecko Bazz can be seen in their productions. You can find musical styles like Afro-Electronic, Singeli, Afrofuturism, Durban Gqom or Afro Electro. But DÉERR addresses the problems of the reality on the street – directly and clearly. DÉERR: Are Baba Sy and AIIOM. Two musicians with meat and skin that are united by music.

Baba Sy evokes, preaches and encourages the young generation with his deep voice. AIIOM shapes and interprets in an original and unheard style. Music as an ambassador. Superb production. Minimal and bass-heavy. Here the German producer AIIOM perfects a fusion of Berlin techno with Baby Sy’s Senegalese Tassu vocal work. Poly-rhythm with MC for the club.

Photos by: Cristina Claramunt, Pere Ferrer,